CDF Series

Adjustable Air Amplifiers and Blowers

Air Amplifiers for Material Handling: High Vacuum Flow

CDF Series Used As A Blower

Blower: High Output Flow

The CDF Series air amplifiers generate high output flow using a small volume of compressed air. This efficient use of air makes CDF air amplifiers a cost-effective alternative to electric blowers or raw compressed air.

Material Handling: High Vacuum Flow

CDF Series air amplifiers generate high vacuum flow, overcoming leaks inherent in handling porous objects such as foam or fabric. With or without a vacuum cup, CDF air amplifiers will safely transfer irregular shaped items.

Vaccon Air Amplifiers easily and safely handle porous objects that many consider too challenging to handle with vacuum. Applications include automating sheet feeders, assembly and palletizers, conveyor transfer and packaging of such products as:
• Egg crate sheets of foam or felt
• IV bags
• Perforated metal
• Fan scrolls
• Circuit boards
• Freshly baked cakes or pastries
• Frozen foods
Producing low vacuum and high flow, CDF’s handle crumbly, delicate products like birthday cakes with a soft touch and without leaving an impression on the surface. Silencers are not required when using the output flow for cooling, drying, or fume extraction, however they are highly recommended for material handling applications.

Two installation options; simply connect to the vacuum port via the internal NPT threads or slip a hose over the barbs featured on the O.D. You can use CDF Air Amplifiers with and without a vacuum cup.

Ideal Applications

  • Inflation & Deflation
  • Pick and place of porous materials
  • Drying
  • Cooling
  • Air bearing
  • Fume evacuation
  • Material handling of irregular/flexible surfaces
  • Bag or pouch opening

Features / Benefits

  • Field adjustable for individual applications
  • High performance – 40:1 amplification ratio
  • Holds porous materials securely
  • Easy to install – compact & lightweight
  • Efficient – Instant response, minimal energy required
  • Safe operation
  • No electricity needed at the pump
  • No heat generated
  • Control output pressure, no bursting
  • Reliable, durable, trouble-free operation
  • Ideal for adverse operating conditions
  • No moving parts to wear or clog
  • No maintenance
  • No downtime

UPDATED - High Flow/High Flex Assembly

CDF Series High Flow Applications:

CDF High Flow Applications

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