vacuum Cup Selection GuideVacuum Cups and Fittings

Vaccon offers a wide range of vacuum cup styles and sizes. Fittings in multiple styles are also available individually or as a cup assembly. Cups are available in various durometers, colors and materials.

As is true in most vacuum applications, there is more than one correct answer. In order to successfully find the best cups) and pumps for a specific task, it is helpful to review our Vacuum Cup Selection Guide in our catalog, or click on the icon to view it on-line.
New Cups From Vaccon

Large Selection of Vacuum Cups

for all industries and applications

New Non-Marking Ultra-Flat Rubber Cups

New Dual Durometer Vacuum Cups - durable & flexible
(featuring 30 durometer polyurethane lip for flexibility with 60 durometer body for durability)

New Egg Cups - multi-bellows cups safely handle round objects

FDA Approved Silicone Cups - high flexibility - UPDATED

If you need help sizing a cup, call Vaccon Tech Support for free assistance

Flat Vacuum Cups Flat Cups

Flat cups without cleats are flexible and work well in applications that do not require lifting heavy loads.

Flat cups with cleats are strong with a rigid, low profile that will lift heavy loads. The low profile allows heavy loads to be lifted vertically without the cup “peeling” away from the product surface or deforming the object being lifted. These cups perform well when gripping smooth, flat, heavy objects such as steel, glass (television picture tubes) and coated corrugated.

Single Bellows Cups Single Bellows Cups

Bellows cups have a pliable outer rim that will conform to curved or uneven surfaces while the bellows sections compensate for inconsistent stack heights.

Multi-Bellows Cups Multi Bellows Cups

In addition to being used like single bellows cups, under vacuum the accordion-style multi bellows cup will collapse on contact. The collapsing action simulates a short cylinder stroke lifting the product for a short distance, possibly saving the need for a separate lifting mechanism.

Deep Vacuum Cups Universal Cups

Universal cups can handle flat or slightly curved surfaces.

Oval Vacuum Cups Oval Cups

Like cleated cups, oval cups have heavy load capabilities due to their rigid design and large vacuum work area. Oval cups have the largest lifting force because they provide the most surface area for a given footprint.

Deep Vacuum Cups Deep Cups

Deep cups are used for curved and irregular surfaces, not for flat surfaces. They can lift products over corners and edges. Excellent for handling golf balls, etc.

Ultra Miniature Cups Ultra Miniature Cups

Ultra-Miniature cups are ideal for use in picking up extremely small parts such as computer chips, wafers and electronics components. In high temperature materials, Ultra-miniature cups may be used in laboratory and food processing environments.

Rigid Vacuum Cups Rigid Cups and Specialty Cups

Ideal for porous material handling applications. Consult factory for available styles, materials, and sizes.

Vacuum Cup Fittings Vacuum Cup Fittings

Designed with large thru bores, Vaccon fittings connect to vacuum cups, vacuum pumps and spring levelers ensuring unrestricted vacuum flow for safe material handling operations.

For plumbing flexibility, Vaccon offers 9 different fitting groups with various thread sizes.

Ultra Miniature Cup Probes Ultra Miniature Cup Probes

Vaccon probes attach directly to Vaccon’s vacuum pencil and ultra-miniature cups for simple, manual placement of small parts.

Probes sold individually or as part of a Vaccon Vacuum Pencil Kit.

Vacuum Pencil Kit Vacuum Pencil and Vacuum Pencil Kit

Utilizing a miniature Vaccon venturi vacuum pump as its vacuum source, the vacuum pencil kit includes a vacuum pump, vacuum pencil and a variety of interchangeable ultra-mini cups and probes.

Vaccon’s Vacuum Pencil easily adapts to handling different objects by simply changing the vacuum cup and probe. Lightweight and compact, the vacuum pencil kit is ideal for bench top work.