VP10 Series

Modular Venturi Vacuum Pump

VP10 HOLDING GOLF TEES FOR PAD PRINT The VP10 Fastvac Mid Series air-powered venturi vacuum pumps are highly efficient, capable of reaching 28"Hg [948mbar], dirt tolerant, and include a silencer for quiet operation. Lightweight and compact, they can be easily mounted close to the vacuum point for fast response.

All Mid Series pumps incorporate Vaccon’s interchangeable venturi cartridge system that allows designers to choose from 11 different cartridge assemblies to optimize pump performance to meet their sprecific application needs.

Ideal Applications

  • Pick and place small part or medium size object
  • End-of-Arm-Tooling/Robotic systems
  • Packaging
  • Vessel evacuation
  • Vacuum clamping/holding fixtures

Features / Benefits

  • Customize your pump performance with interchangeable venturi cartridges
  • Safe operation – high flow, strong holding force
  • High productivity – powerful vacuum up to 28"Hg [948mbar]
  • Compact & lightweight – modular design speeds installation
  • Efficient -minimal air consumption
  • Reliable - operates trouble free:
  • Straight-through design, non-clogging
  • No moving parts to wear or clog
  • No flap valves to stick open
  • No maintenance
  • No downtime

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Ordering and Pricing Information:

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