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How To Order

3 easy ways to order Vaccon Vacuum Products:

Local Distributors: Vaccon vacuum pumps are made in the USA and available through an international network of independent distributors. Vaccon stronly recommends using your local disributor. They have valuable knowledge and resources in Vaccon pumps and other fluid power products. Take advantage of the expertise in your local area. To locate a distributor near you, click here.

No Local Distributor: If you don't have a local distributor, please contact Vaccon.

: Vaccon's Online Store may be accessed from any product page by clicking on the red Configure / Purchase buttons near the top of each page. Once on the product configurator page, select the required product attributes to generate a custom list of products to make your choices. A step-by-step guide to the purchasing process follows.

If you know the exact products you wish to purchase, use the Express Ordering process to quickly configure your purchase. The Express Ordering step-by-step guide can be found here.

1. Click on Configure / Purchase:

2. You are then brought into the online store page for your product. Choose from the prroduct attribute(s) required, selecting at least one option. By selecting specific options, you narrow down the list of displayed products to select from (many products have several hundred or a few thousand possible configurations). Click on Display Product Selections:

3. A targeted list with configured products fitting the options selected is presented. Select the desired product and click Add To Cart.

4. Click on View Cart to proceed to checkout. If you need to purchase additional items, click on Continue Shopping. You are initially sent back to the page you just selected the first product from. You may select additional products from that page, or proceed to a new product page and start a new product selection from step 1. 

5. Review the product specifications to ensure the correct product has been selected. Click on Add To Cart. Update the quantity if ordering more than 1 unit.If you are satisfied with your order, enter your Zip Code and clck Estimate to select the shipment method and see the shipping charges. Please note there is a $25.00 minimum order.

6. The available shipment methods are displayed. Select the appropirate method and the charges are shown. Please note, you will be able to enter your UPS or FedEx shipping account number in the next step.

7. Enter your shipping information - all (*) starred fields are required. You may enter your UPS or FedEx shipping account number, if applicable. Be sure to click the Residential Address checkbox if shipping to your home. Click on Payment to proceed when all shipment information is complete.

8. Choose the applicable option for your billing address: choose "My Shipping Address is the same as my Billing Address" if the address on your credit card account and your shipping address is the same - if not, choose "Bill to a different address" and enter the necessary address information. Be sure your billing address information is accurate or the credit card authorization may be declined. Please note that credit card is the only payment option available for online orders. Contact Vaccon Customer Service at 508-359-7200 for alternative mehods of payment. Click Review and Submit Order when done entering address and credit card information.

9. Review your order, shipping and billing address and payment information one final time. You may optionally enter comments such as special configuration requests, shipping instructions, etc. in the Comments box and any internal P.O. or ordering information in the boxes below the Comment box. Click Modify Order if you have to make any changes - you will be brought back to step #8. If you are satisfied with the information, click Submit Order.

If you have any problems ordering online, please contact Vaccon at 508-359-7200 or

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