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Custom DF Products

Custom DF Products
DF Material Conveying generators are available with custom threaded internal and external exhaust and vacuum ports (male and female threads can be ordered on opposite ends of the same generator). DF Series generators may be manufactured in a variety of specialty materials for chemical and environmental compatibility, and for use in food processing operations. Special anodizing - Teflon "hardcoat" and hard anodizing is also available. Please note that all these custom configurations are not stock items, and not returnable.

Custom Ends

Threaded Ends - male or female
1/4" to 2" NPT [G 1/4 to G 2]
Tapered Exhaust End - 
Used to fill stuffed animal toys
Stainless Steel DF 5-6 with
custom Tri-Clover® clamp ends

Custom Applications

Medical Kit Processing (DF 7-3)
Spooling Electrode Wire
(DF 7-3) 
Picking Up Springs (DF 5-3) only
3" x 2.5" x 0.25" > Read More
Moving aggregate construction material (DF 25-12-110-RI) DF 5-6 FD generator vacuums up
fluid spills > Read More
Transferring Sand (DF 10-3)  
3D Cad Files
Custom Products