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Plenums / Grippers

Plenums / Grippers
Plenums are used to distribute vacuum from one or more generators over a larger area, for picking up large or porous objects. Spreading vacuum over a greater area reduces the flow at any particular point, ideal for picking up individual porous objects such as single sheets of paper. Plenums are custom designed to work with any Vaccon generators and may include vacuum cups or foam material to provide a gentle touch for picking up delicate products. Contact Vaccon Engineering for help in designing a plenum to accommodate your unique material handling application. Like our generators, plenums are available in specialty materials for chemical/environmental compatibility, pharmaceutical or food handling operations.
End-of-Arm Tool plenum with dual CDF 1000H air amplifiers Plenum with VP80 generator and dual durometer vacuum cups Plenum with 4 VDF generators lifts 288 food containers Plenum for JS200 picks up steel drill bits coated with machine oil
Plenum Block - ideal for picking up porous and delicate objects Plenum with additional channels spreads vacuum further EOAT with CDF 500H & plenums pick up separate paper sheets Plenum picks up sheets of powder coated chewing gum 
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