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DF 25-12-110-RI Aggregate Conveying Pump Application Note

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Material Transfer Pump Semi-Automates
Spraying of Aggregate for Bridge, Road and Pavement Applications

Fast becoming the choice of bridge and roadway construction workers, the DF 25-12-110-RI material transfer pump safely and efficiently conveys aggregate directly to bridge deck or road surfaces, eliminating the need for hand spreading. The DF 25's high speed output is ideal for spraying dry, abrasive materials such as glass, mineral fragments, stone dust, metal filings, ceramics, and other high friction surface materials.  
Road construction crews use a DF 25-12 material conveying pump to apply a uniform layer of colored glass aggregate to a road surface to mark bus and bike lanes.
Powered by compressed air, the DF pump provides a semi-automated safe, efficient and economic process of spreading aggregate by reducing costly, labor-intensive manual operations and controlling waste. 
When the body of the pump inevitably wears out, it can be easily replaced, eliminating the cost to purchase an entirely new pump. A replacement kit allows the pump body to be quickly swapped out in the field in a matter of minutes using only a pair of retaining ring pliers - minimizing downtime and costs.
 Bimba | Vaccon Advantages
  • Makes aggregate easier to spread
  • Conical spray produces a controlled output for precise, consistent application reducing aggregate waste
  • Straight-through, smooth bore design prevents clogging maximizing productivity
  • Transfer speed easily controlled by regulating input air pressure
  • Field replaceable body reduces downtime

View a video of the DF 25-12-110-RI pump being used on road paving projects. A video demonstrating the simple replacement process can be viewed here.

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Model #: DF 25-12-110-RI Aggregate Conveying Pump  
DF 25-12 Aggregate Source
Material Transfer pump conveys glass aggregate source material
DF 25-12 Spraying Epoxy Aggregate
Worker spraying glass aggregate on road surface
DF 25-12-110-RI Kit
Body Replacement Kit for the
DF 25-12-110-RI  Pump  
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