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DF 5-6-FD Fluid Recovery Pump Application Note

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Safe, Efficient Recycling of CNC Milling Machine Coolant Fluid

As machine CNC milling tool coolant is becoming more expensive, companies are looking for ways to recycle the fluid. The fluid collects in the tool's scrap material bin and reclaiming it can be a messy and time consuming process.
Bimba | Vaccon developed the DF 5-6-FD series to facilitate fluid transfer, reducing overall transfer time and liquid waste. The DF 5-6-FD pump threads directly into a standard 55-gallon drum or container with 3/4-14 NPS threaded ports. The DF 5-6-FD is safe, with an overfill prevention device to seal off the pump when the
container is filled, and doesn't require electricity.

DF 5-6-FD Liquid Conveying Material Transfer Pumps
The DF 5-6-FD pump is simple to setup and operate. The only items needed to run the DF 5-6-FD are compressed air supply with tubing and a compatible hose to collect the liquid. The DF 5-6-FD pump is made of anodized aluminum and specialty materials are available. Click here to see a video of the DF 5-6-FD in action. 
 Features & Benefits of DF Series Pumps
  • Efficient - instant on/off with low operating costs
  • Fast response, installs close to point-of-use
  • Wide variety of applications
    • Download this document for common applications
  • Non-clogging, reliable, maintenance-free performance
  • Transfer speed easily controlled by adjusting the input air pressure

[Video] DF 5-6-FD recycles CNC tool coolant from scrap metal 
Visit the DF 5-6-FD product page or contact Vaccon Technical Support for more information.
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