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DF 7-6 Material Transfer Pumps in Pharmaceutical Assembly Operations

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Material Transfer Pumps Improve Throughput & Quality in Pharmaceutical Assembly Operations

Material transfer pumps automate the sorting and recycling of defective sample tubes in pharmaceutical assembly operations. The previous process required manually removing uncapped sample tubes from an assembly line, a labor intensive and inefficient process that reduces productivity. To improve the process, a specially modified material transfer pump coupled with a vision inspection system automatically detects defective units and transfers the tubes to a resorting bin for reuse, saving time and money.
A modified Bimba | Vaccon DF Series Material Transfer pump contains a cutout which allows the tubes to pass directly through the center of the pump, ensuring the defects are efficiently picked up, minimizing errors and maximizing productivity. 
The DF Series pump creates instantaneous vacuum flow and high air velocity to quickly remove uncapped units, with cycle times of approximately 1 per second. The pump's straight-through design allows materials to pass directly through the pump at high speeds without interference or clogging. It provides simple, reliable, and cost effective in-line transfer of bulk materials, powders, complex shapes, individual objects, and selvedge.
DF Series Material Conveying Pump Benefits:
  • Bimba | Vaccon vacuum pumps are used anywhere objects need to be moved from Point A to Point B quickly, safely and efficiently
  • Instant on/off response consumes compressed air only when needed, reducing operating costs and improving energy efficiency
  • Compact design allows installation close to the work area for efficient,
    high throughput transfers
  • Transfer speed can be controlled for specific application requirements by regulating the input pressure
  • Custom sizes, shapes and materials available to meet medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing and chemical compatibility requirements
  • Optional custom end configurations, threads, and connections available 


Watch a custom DF Material Conveying pump in action here. For more information on modified and custom Vaccon products, please visit this page.
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