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Distributor & Manufacturer's Representative Opportunities

If you are a pneumatic, automation, robotic or industrial equipment supplier looking to expand your existing product line with
innovative and unique vacuum pumps, cups, accessories and end-of-arm tooling, please inquire today.

Even if your current product line includes some vacuum products, chances are Vaccon's extensive line of vacuum pumps offers opportunities and solutions that no other supplier can provide. Vaccon products are unique. They are reliable where others fail. Our pumps are dirt tolerant, no flaps to clog or wear out - no maintenance - no downtime. We offer five different style pumps with
thousands of options. No matter the industry or the application, Vaccon has the answer.

Vaccon pumps are made in the US. We maintain an extensive inventory of off-the-shelf products that typically ship within 24 hours. Vaccon will modify existing products or custom design and manufacture proprietary pumps to meet individual applications or OEM requirements no matter the size, shape, material or quantity.

We provide free literature, technical support and training. We have an in-house test facility to simulate customer applications. Customers send sample products to Vaccon, we size and specify the best pump for the application and then send a video demonstrating the product solution in action. We eliminate the guesswork, saving you time and money.

We have a number of sales territories available for distributors and/or independent sales representatives.

If you are interested in increasing your business by reaching new customers, please contact the Bimba sales team at 800-442-4622 for exciting growth opportunities.
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