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Vaccon News & Press Releases

Bimba Announces Acquisition of Vaccon Company

Vaccon is pleased to announce it is now part of the Bimba family of companies! Bimba Manufacturing Company is a forward-thinking innovator providing industry-leading pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric motion solutions that are easy-to-use, reliable, and ready for all engineering solutions. > Read more
Vaccon's Newest Employee Wins Recongition Award

Peter Rometti assists the production team with varied tasks to help streamline manufacturing operations. Peter is an adult with autism who comes to Vaccon thanks to the HMEA organization which helps adults with disabilities secure gainful employment. Peter's valuable contributions to Vaccon's manufacturing team won him an award for Outstanding Employee from HMEA.  > Read more
NASA Uses Vaccon HVP Series High Vacuum Pumps in Space Exploration Research

Equipment and scientific instruments used in space exploration have to be tested to ensure they will operate in the harsh environments of the Moon, Mars, and other planetary sites. NASA performs these tests by placing the equipment in an evacuated chamber, which simulates the vacuum or thin atmospheres of the planets being visited. To prepare these environments, NASA used vacuum equipment, including Vaccon's HVP Series High Vacuum venturi vacuum pumps.   > Read the NASA Tech Brief

"Vaccon Inside" - The Secret Vacuum Source Powering Empire Robotics Versaball® - Vaccon Venturi Vacuum Cartridges

Vaccon Vacuum Cartridges are the vacuum source powering Empire Robotics Versaball. In many OEM cavities, the secret is "Vaccon Inside". Vaccon Push-In (11 different performance levels) and Threaded Vacuum Cartridges (23 performance levels) are ideally suited for OEM’s and machine designers requiring custom vacuum applications. Vaccon’s VP Series Modular Venturi Vacuum Pumps are powered by push-in vacuum cartridges.

Watch the Versaball beat Jimmy Fallon at beer pong or read about it in the Popular Mechanics 2015 Breakthrough Awards.
Multi-port Adapters Streamline Equipment by Connecting Multiple Exhaust Lines to a Single In-Line Filter

When exhaust air can’t be hard plumbed or piped away due to limited space and equipment constraints, Vaccon Air Filters and Multi-port Adapters are a compact and economic solution. Multi-port Air Filter Adapters are ideal for multi-station, multi-pump, and multi-valve, pick and place applications. Sized properly, one Air Filter with a Multi-port Adapter can do the work of many filters saving valuable space and expenses.  > Read the press release 

Vaccon’s Interchangeable, Maintenance-Free Cartridges Replace
Multi Stage Pumps

Ideally suited for use in dusty and dirty environments, RTM cartridges replace failed or clogged multi-stage pumps, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. RTM cartridges thread directly into existing multi-stage vacuum pumps and vacuum grippers for immediate, reliable, trouble-free operations. Available as a complete pump assembly or just the threaded cartridge, Vaccon's RTM Series quickly replace multi-stage units or vacuum grippers, without the need to retool existing production equipment.  > Read the press release 

Vac-Stac™ Series Venturi Pumps Integrate Vacuum Power into ISO 5599/1 Size-1 Valves in Minutes

Vaccon's Vac Stac pumps are designed specifically to integrate with all ISO 5599/1 Size-1 directional control valves. Vac-Stac provides the quickest and most efficient way to incorporate vacuum with individual ISO valve bases or manifold assemblies for automation applications including pick & place and material handling operations in packaging, automotive and food processing industries.  > Read the press release 

Vaccon CDF Series Air Amplifier Pumps Handle Pliable Folded Bags & Pouches in Medical and Pharma Packaging Applications

Vaccon CDF Series air amplifiers can be used in pick and place applications of irregular, folded, and flexible packaging materials used in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Pouches, bags and plastic films are pliable, unevenly shaped, with folds, creases, and seams, complicating material handling operations. CDF Air Amplifiers quickly and safely handle these types of packaging products by generating high vacuum flow to overcome leaks inherent in handling irregularly shaped items. > Read the press release

Vaccon DF Series Material Transfer Pumps Sort and Recycle Sample Tubes in Pharmaceutical Packaging Operations

Vaccon DF Series vacuum pumps coupled with a vision system automates the inspection and recovery process for a medical kit assembly line.  The vision system inspects each vial to confirm the cap is on to ensure the contents don’t fall out during the packaging operation.  When the vision system detects uncapped vials, it sends a signal to the DF pump to activate the vacuum and transfer the vial back to the initial capping process for reuse in assembly. > Read the press release

Vaccon Custom CDF Air Amplifier Pump Quickly Inflates & Deflates Rafts

Military dive teams must be ready to respond to emergency situations at a moment’s notice. To reduce response time, the military sought a more efficient process to inflate and deflate rafts in the field. A modified CDF air amplifier, with custom threaded ports to mate with the raft’s inflation port, allows rafts to be rapidly inflated with a Scuba tank air supply. In addition to marine inflatable applications, CDF pumps are used to rapidly inflate and deflate products such as dunnage, automotive airbags, pneumatic medical devices, inflatable shelters and more in leak testing operations. > Read The Press Release
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