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"Pink" J-Series Fixed Venturi Pumps

Vaccon Pays Tribute to its Greatest Champion by Going Pink for
Breast Cancer Awareness 

Vaccon offers pink-colored J-Series pumps to support The Breast Cancer Research Foundation

In honor of Joan Ferri, co-founder of the business and a two-time breast cancer survivor, Vaccon is offers J-Series Cylindrical Venturi Pumps in a special pink color, with 10% of every purchase to be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®.

For Ellen Ferri, President of Vaccon, the decision to create and ultimately sell the special pink vacuum pump was an easy one. “While Vaccon started because of my father’s belief that venturi vacuum pumps were the answer to improving the manufacturing processes, it was my mom Joan, who worked tirelessly to not only support the family but the company and its employees,” Ferri explained. “My mom has been and is the backbone of the family business. With the 40th anniversary of Vaccon upon us, coupled with the fact that she’s also a breast cancer survivor, we decided there was no better way to recognize her battle with cancer plus the health of the family business, than to sell pink pumps in her honor.”  

Vaccon J Series Application Video: (Degassing)
Courtesy of Innovative Coatings, Medway, MA

Innovative Coatings applies a protective PVC liquid coating to glass medical bottles to make them shatterproof and safe when handling risky solutions. Movement in the coating process causes air bubbles and impurities in the solution. To safeguard the quality and integrity of the protective coating, Innovative Coatings uses a Vaccon “pink” J Series vacuum pump to degas / eliminate micro bubbles ensuring a consistent, uniform coating.

Because pink is not a standard color in the manufacturing world, Vaccon had to work diligently to find the right anodizing company to create the special pink coating for its J-Series pumps. This spring, Vaccon approached one of their long time partners, Absolute Metal Finishing in Norwood, MA, and they were happy to help with this project to support breast cancer research since they too had loved ones affected by cancer. After countless applications and testing, Vaccon was able to find the ideal pink palette for its pumps and is excited to begin selling these pink pumps to its distributors.

“We’re thankful for the support and enthusiasm of Vaccon and its dedicated employees and customers,” said Myra J. Biblowit, President of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. “It’s the commitment and compassion of businesses like Vaccon, that will help us prevent and ultimately eradicate breast cancer.”

For more information on how to purchase Vaccon’s “pink” J-Series Cylindrical Venturi Pumps, please contact us at 508-359-7200 or email

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