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Application Notes & Product Articles

DF 5-6-FD Liquid Conveying Vacuum Pump Efficiently Recovers
CNC Milling Machine Coolant

The DF 5-6-FD liquid conveying vacuum pump is a modified DF series pump for effficient and rapid field or mobile cleanup of liquid spills. Simple to setup and operate, the pump reqires only a compressed air supply, compatible collection hose and container with a 3/4-14 NPS port. The DF 5-6-FD pump is safe to operate, requiring no electricity, with an overfill protection device and is available in specialty materials for chemical and environmental requirements.   > Read More
DF 25-12-110-RI Aggregate Conveying Pump Allows Road Construction Crews to Quickly & Efficiently Spread Paving Material

The DF 25-12-110-RI aggregate conveying pump was designed for spraying dry and abrasive materials such as aggregate, mineral fragments, stone dust, and ceramics. Ideal for road construction, the DF 25-12-110-RI can be used to spread uniform layers of aggregate material for roadway paving and lane marking. The pump's replaceable body can quickly be replaced in the field, minimizing downtime and saving money from purchasing an entire new pump.  > Read More
Modified DF Series Material Transfer Pump Improve Throughput & Quality in Pharmaceutical Assembly Operations

A pharmaceutical manufacturer uses a modified DF Series Material Transfer pump to automate the sorting and recycling of defective sample tubes in their assembly operation. The modified DF Series pump coupled with a vision inspection system automatically detects defective units and transfers the tubes to a resorting bin for reuse. The instantaneous vacuum flow and high air velocity quickly and efficiently remove the non-confomring units, saving time and money.  > Read More
Vaccon Custom Vacuum Solution Enables Train Manufacturer to Provide a Safer Ride

A train equipment manufacturer uses compressed air to simultaneously operate the vacuum toilet system and the braking system. Concerned the existing toilet system consumed too much air, posing a strain on both systems, Vaccon was asked to design and manufacture a more efficient pump that consumed less air, yet maintained the functionality and performance of the existing waste management system.  > Read More
Vaccon Custom CDF Air Amplifier Pump Quickly Inflates & Deflates Rafts

Military dive teams must be ready to respond to emergency situations at a moment’s notice. To reduce response time, the military sought a more efficient process to inflate and deflate rafts in the field. A modified CDF air amplifier, with custom threaded ports to mate with the raft’s inflation port, allows rafts to be rapidly inflated with a Scuba tank air supply.  > Read More
Vac-Stac™ Series Venturi Pumps Integrate Vacuum Power into ISO 5599/1 Size-1 Valves in Minutes

Vaccon's Vac Stac pumps are designed specifically to integrate with all ISO 5599/1 Size-1 directional control valves. Vac-Stac provides the quickest and most efficient way to incorporate vacuum with individual ISO valve bases or manifold assemblies for automation applications including pick & place and material handling operations in packaging, automotive and food processing industries.  > Read More
VDF Variable Vacuum Pump Safely Picks & Places Tomatoes in Food Processing Operations

VDF variable vacuum & variable flow pumps on a robotic end-of-arm tool, place tomatoes into individual cups for slicing, without bruising or damaging the fruit. Tomatoes can be crushed during the slicing operation leaving behind seeds, pulp and skin. The VDF’s straight-through design allows food debris to pass through without clogging making them ideal for use in food processing applications.  > Read More
CDF Air Amplifier Picks & Places Insert Trays for 22 Caliber Bullets

Vaccon’s CDF 500H Air Amplifier is used for a pick and place application of open-weave, plastic insert trays used to protect and package 22 caliber bullets.The trays contain numerous holes to hold the bullets ensuring consistent quantities and safe handling in packaging operations. The tray’s open-weave design is extremely porous with minimal surface area to grip them. Vaccon CDF Air Amplifier generates generate high flow and low vacuum to overcome leakage handling porous objects achieving amplification ratios as high as 40:1 (output to input).  > Read More
VDF Variable Vacuum Pump Picks & Places Wooden Slip Sheets for Brick Manufacturing Operation

VDF variable vacuum / flow pump picks and placse wooden slip sheets used between layers of bricks during the curing process. The porous sheets can be warped in either direction when stacked, requiring a high vacuum flow to overcome leakage and ensure secure handling. VDF vacuum pumps produce high vacuum flow and high vacuum levels in one pump and their straight through design allows debris to pass through the pump without clogging, ideal for use in dirty, dusty environments.  > Read More
Adjustable Spray Nozzle Offers Customer Control for Spray
Coating Liquids & Powders

Vaccon manufactures a VDF variable vacuum pump with a custom modfied adjustable spray nozzle to control the spraying of liquids and/or fine powders for coating tablets, pills, pellets, candy, foods, metals and more. The spray nozzle is field adjustable, enabling the operator to control the spray pattern, material powder through-put, or droplet size. The design of the VDF  provides a consistent, uniform spray without clogging or clumping. > Read More
End-of-arm tool design with a lightweight, compact pump that can be installed at the point of use, ensuring high cycle rates. Robotics Integrator Dramatically Improves Manufacturing Cell Performance with Innovative Vaccum Technology 

A leading robotics integrator serving food producers, was challenged to update the productivity of a packaging line where individual butter packets were packaged for distribution. A custom End-of-Arm Tool was developed to streamline the manufacturing cell’s operation, reduce manpower requirements, and increase production> Read More
VDF Series "Preset" Option Delivers Tamper-Proof, Safe, Reliable,
Consistent Operation

Vaccon's VDF Series vacuum pumps offer the power and performance essential to safely handling large, porous, and/or heavy objects. Combining adjustable high flow and high vacuum in one unique compact design, while allowing high levels of particulate to pass through the pump without clogging, minimizing maintenance and downtime. VDF's Preset option locks the performance to a customer-specified vacuum level pinned at the factory for tamper-proof,  abd consistent operation. > Read More
How To Pick Up Springs With Vacuum

A coiled spring manufacturer sought an automated process to pick up individual coiled springs for packaging operations. Previously, springs would be manually handled, an inefficient process. The primary requirement for the vacuum solution was to avoid "tangled" springs. A custom manilold powered by 5 Vaccon DF Series Material Conveying pumps. The manifold is mounted on a robitic arm and the DF pumps use high vacuum flow to pick up individual springs. The arm poistions the manifold over the packaging cells and drops the springs into a packaging cells individually. > Read More
Let Them Move Cake!

A commercial bakery looked to automate a process of boxing 10" cakes and slip sheets, replacing an inefficient and manual process. The challenge was to find a vacuum solution which could pick up the delicate, crumbly, porous and heavy cakes without damaging the surface and also deal with the free cake crumbs on the surface. Vaccon supplied a CDF 750HFM pump and 6" cup with FDA approved material. The high vacuum flow of the CDF pump gently but securely picks up the cakes without damaging them and its easily passes through the crumbs without clogging.  > Read More
. Choclolatier Quickly Reaches ROI on Pick and Place Packaging Tool

A chocalatier sought to increase the productivity of a packaging operation to meet increased demand for its most popular product. Vaccon supplied an End-of-Arm Tool with 5 venturi vaccum pumps with product blow-off capability. The tool quickly installed to the customers existing production equipment without modification and easily exceeded the production goal of 400 chocolates/min (previous rate was 140/min). The manufacturer was able to realize full ROI in only 11 weeks after the tool was installed.  > Read More
Pick and Place Packaging Tool Provides Greater Manufacturing Flexibility and a Better Product for a Commercial Bakery

Vaccon helped a commercial bakery develop a more efficient and faster tool to increase production on their pastry dough packaging line. Vaccon's solution allowed the bakery to package the dough before freezing with the benefit of delivering a higher quality product. Vaccon's CDF air amplifier pump and custom plenum allows switching between 2 different sized products quickly, minimizing line downtime for the swapover. The loose flour did not pose a problem for the CDF pumps wihich easily passed it through without clogging, minimizng downtime and maximizing productivity. > Read More
How To Design a Packer/Stacker

Vaccon teamed with a tooling manufacturer to deliver an updated packer/stacker system for a blow molded food jar manufacturer. The manufacturer's existing process did not double stack their product, leaving wasted space in a 9' tall trucking trailer. Vaccon develpoed a 4' wide aluminum plenum with foam gripper powered by 4 VDF variable vaccum flow pumps to lift 288 jars at a time, palletizing over 3450 jars in 20 minutes or almost 250,000/day. Vaccon's VP90 Mulit-port pump easily powers the second half of the tool which picks & places porous slip sheets between each layer of jars. > Read More
Field Adjustable Air Amplifiers for Cleaning, Cooling and Drying Parts 

Vaccon offers a full line of adjustable, air-operated, energy efficient air amplifiers for cleaning, cooling, and drying applications. Vaccon CDF Series Air Amplifiers are field adjustable allowing operators to easily set the flow, velocity, force and direction for their specific application while minimizing air consumption. Vaccon air amplifiers are ideal for removing water, dust, dirt, chips, chemicals and trim from parts or work areas, or for cooling / drying electronic equipment, food products, wire, rolled steel, circuit boards, webs, bottles, cans, metal strips, and molded or extruded parts. > Read More
Pick and Place Light, Porous Objects with Vaccon's CDF Series
Air Amplifier

Vaccon's CDF Series Adjustable Air Amplifier, a vacuum pump and cup in one, generates high vacuum flow ideal for picking up light, porous objects such as open celled foam, fabric, fibrous paper food products such as birthday cakes, and more. > Read More
DF Series Material Transfer Pump Won't Unwrap or Unravel
Wrapped Products

Vaccon's material transfer pump provides packaging automation professionals with the ability to move various types of wrapped materials from one place to another without unwrapping or unraveling. Powered by compressed air, the modified material transfer pumps are ideal for automating the bulk packaging operations for wrapped foods, confections, and medical products such as surgical swabs. > Read More
Custom DF Series Material Transfer Pumps Offer Maximum Flow
Without Clogging

Vaccon's material transfer pump provides packaging automation professionals with the ability to move various types of wrapped materials from one place to another without unwrapping or unraveling. Powered by compressed air, the modified material transfer pumps are ideal for automating the bulk packaging operations for wrapped foods, confections, and medical products such as surgical swabs. > Read More
Ultra-Miniature Venturi Vacuum Pump for Drip Control in
Dispensing Applications

Vaccon's JS-40UM ultra-miniature, air-powered, venturi vacuum pump is exceptionally lightweight, compact, and efficient. Designed to operate over a wide range of supply pressures, these pumps are ideal for drip control (suck back) in liquid dispensing or liquid transfer applications in medical, pharmaceutical, food processing, and assembly industries. > Read More
Threaded Venturi Vacuum Cartridges Designed for Demanding
OEM Applications

Vaccon's Mid and Max Series Threaded Vacuum Cartridges are ideally suited for machine designers. Available in 23 models, the cartridges were designed to easily thread into OEM cavities, providing an unrecognizable (proprietary) vacuum source. > Read More
Interchangeable Vacuum Cartridges Easily Transform Vaccon Mid Series Venturi Pumps in Minutes

Vaccon's Mid Series venturi vacuum pumps, a line of single-stage venturi pumps with interchangeable cartridges, enable designers, engineers or machine operators to adjust pump performance to fit their specific application needs based on desired vacuum level, vacuum flow, evacuation speed and air consumption by swapping out interchangeable venuri vacuum cartridges. > Read More
Vaccon Offers Custom Manufacturing For OEM Design

Vaccon provides OEM designers and engineers the opportunity to be creative when designing automation equipment that uses vacuum technology. Whether the designer is creating a new proprietary machine or retro-fitting an old one, Vaccon will design and manufacture vacuum pumps in custom sizes, shapes and materials to meet the OEM's application, footprint and performance requirements. > Read More
Spring Levelers and Vacuum Cups Lift Uneven Objects From Uneven Heights

Vaccon offers a line of spring levelers and vacuum cups for pick and place applications that require the horizontal lifting of uneven shaped parts from uneven surfaces and uneven heights. > Read More
FA-51 "Superflow" Series Silencers Silence High Volume Exhuast Without Backpressure  

Vaccon offers a durable and versatile line of silencers that can be used on all pneumatic devices and in any facility operating equipment that uses compressed air. The FA-51 Series silencers reduce noise for high volume exhaust applications without causing backpressure or hindering performance. > Read More
Vaccon Vacuum Check Valves for Safe, Energy Efficient
Vacuum Operations 

Vaccon's Vacuum Check Valves Series work with venturi vacuum pumps and switches to seal and maintain vacuum levels for safe, energy-efficient vacuum applications. Vaccon check valves are ideal for many vacuum applications including holding vacuum while molds cool down, keeping moisture out of hoppers containing resins, pellets or powders, and for providing stable vacuum levels for clamping operations. > Read More
Electronic Vacuum Switches 

Vaccon's Electronic Vacuum Switch Series was designed to meet the needs of applications like Robotics, Pick-And-Place, Material Handling, Vacuum Monitoring, and Leak Testing. > Read More
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