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3D CAD Drawing Downloads

3D CAD drawing files are available for most Vaccon products. There are two ways to obtain CAD files:
Look for the CAD icon 
  • Use the direct links below to navigate to the product store pages where the CAD files are accessed
  • Click on the red Configure / Purchase button near the top of every product page.
    • Use the Search by Specification button to narrow down the list of displayed products
    • With either method, click on the CAD icon for the specific product configuration required

Available CAD File Formats:

Click for sample product page
3D CAD:    DXF, SAT (versions 3-7), STEP (AP203, AP214), IGES, VDAFS, VRML
Image files:  PDF (2D), JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF, PCX, XML, SVG 
2D CAD:   DWG and DXF (14, 2000 and 2002 versions), MI

3 ways to obtain CAD files: download or email a copy, or insert the file directly into your CAD program running in the background. A small utility must be installed to enable the CAD file direct insert function. It may be downloaded here.

The CAD drawing pages use WebGL technology. Most recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safart browsers have built-in WebGL support. Older browsers without WebGL support will require Java software or Java browser extensions/plugins to download CAD files. Java can be downloaded here. If you do not have Java or cannot find the CAD file you are looking for, please contact Vaccon Tech Support at 508 359-7200 or 800-848-8788 (US).

Cartridges (C Series)
Push-In Cartridges (Min/Mid Series) Threaded Cartridges, Call Vaccon  
Vacuum Pumps (VP Series)  
VP00 Min Series VP20 Mid Series Multi-Port VP90 Max Series Multi-Port
VP0X Min Series VP20 Mid Series Air Saver Technology VP Max Series Air Saver Technology
VP01BV Min Series VP35 Mid Series Solenoid Vacuum/Blow-off HVP 100/200/300 HighVac Series
VP01QRBV Min Series VP50 Mid Series, Call Vaccon VPI-90H In-Line Series
VP10 Mid Series VP80-200 Max Series I-MPVG Series, Call Vaccon
VP1X Mid Series VP80-250 Max Series VPIA Atmospheric Pump, Call Vaccon
VP10 Mid Series Multi-Port VP8X Max Series VMBV Vacuum Manifolds, Call Vaccon
VP20 Mid Series VP80 Max Series Multi-Port  
VP2X Mid Series VP90 Max Series  
Cylindrical Venturi Vacuum Pumps (J Series)  
JS-40UM Series Min J Series"M" (Mini) Mid J Series
Max J Series    
Vacuum Valve Stacks    
Vac-Stac Series, Call Vaccon VP92 Max Series, Call Vaccon  
Variable Vacuum / Flow Vaccum Pumps  
VDF Series    
Adjustable Air Amplifiers / Blowers    
CDF Series    
CDF 750HFM Series, Call Vaccon    
Material Conveying Vacuum Pumps  
DF Series    
DF 25-12-110 Aggregate Pump, Call Vaccon    
DF 5-6-FD Liquid Conveying, Call Vaccon    
Vacuum Cups and Fittings    
Bellows Cups UH Rigid Cups Vacuum Cup Fittings, Group 8
Dual Durometer Cups, Call Vaccon Ultra Miniature Cups Vacuum Cup Fittings, Group 9
Egg Cups, Call Vaccon Vacuum Cup Fittings, Groups 1, 2, 3 Vacuum Cup Fittings Group 45, Call Vaccon
Flat / Universal Cups Vacuum Cup Fittings, Group 4 Vacuum Cup Fittings Group NM, Call Vaccon
Metal Detectable Cups, Call Vaccon Vacuum Cup Fittings, Group 5 Vacuum Pencil & Pencil Kit
Non-Marking Cups, Call Vaccon Vacuum Cup Fittings, Group 6 Vacuum Probes
Oval Cups Vacuum Cup Fittings, Group 7 Non-Contact Vacuum Pad, Call Vaccon
Vacuum Accessories    
AA Series Silencers Vacuum Check Valves  
ST Series Straight Thru Silencers Vacuum Gauges  
STAA Series Hybrid Silencers In-Line Vacuum Filters  
FA-51 Series High Flow Silencers    
Vacuum Switches and Sensors    
VTMV Series VDM Series VS5WA Series
VSMN/P Series VDS Series Cordsets
VXXN/P Series VSP Series Mounting Brackets
VDXN/P Series VS, SX and SX-SB Series  
End-of-Arm-Tooling Components  
VSL Spring Levelers / Compensators FEB40 Fixed Shaft / Mounting Brackets Mounting Brackets - 1.0” Extrusion
SLBS/F Spring Leveler Mounting Brackets CSJ3 Vacuum Cup Swivel Joint Mounting Brackets - 1.5” Extrusion
SLB40 Spring Levelers / Compensators Vacuum Cup Mount /  Manifold Blocks Push-to-Connect Fittings
3D Cad Files
Custom Products