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Technical Resources / Performance Data

Performance Data for all Vaccon Vacuum Products. Data includes air consumption, vacuum flow at various vacuum levels, and evacuation times (for 1 cu. ft. or 1 L volumes). Data is presented in tabular and graphed formats, in both imperial and metric units.

Performance charts represent average performance data. For reference only.

Push-In Cartridges Min & Mid Series Threaded Cartridges Mid & Max Series RTM Threaded Cartridges Mid Series
VP Min Series Pumps: VP00, VP01BV, VP01QRBV, VP0X VP Mid Series Pumps: VP10, VP1X, VP20, VP2X, VP20-MP, VP20 Air Saver, VP35, VP50, VMBV Segmented Manifolds VP Max Series Pumps: VP80, VP8X, VP80-MP, VP80 Air Saver, VP90, VP92
J Series Cylindrical:
JS-40UM Ultra-Mini
J Series Cylindrical: JF Min Series,
JD Min Series, JS Max Series
HighVac Series:
HVP100, HVP200, HVP 300
Vac-Stac and RTM Series Pumps VDF Series Variable Vacuum / Flow Pump
CDF Series Air Amplifiers
DF Series Material Conveying Pump    
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