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Technical Resources / Technical Briefs & How To Guides

Technical Briefs relate important information on a variety of subjects including product changes and updates, system design advice, and updated product documentation. How To Guides provide handy reference material on a range of subjects including product selection support, troubleshooting tips, primers on vacuum technology and more. 

Building A Vacuum System

Ask These Questions When Designing 

What's the weight and dimensions of the product to be picked up? What is the vacuum level required? Are you asking all  the necessary questions when designing your vacuum system? Probably not every one. This handy brief lists all the questions you should consider when designing your tool. 
End-of-Arm Tooling Design Guide

The EOAT design guide provides guidance in selecting the correct parts to build an effective EOAT. The guide includes a visual catalog of all EOAT components and considerations to keep in mind when designing your tool..
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Matching Areas Technical Brief

The Matching Areas tech brief details the proper design of a vaccum system to ensure maximum performance. If the sizes of fittings and tubing is not taken into consideration, restrictions may occur, degrading performance. This note explains the importance of matching areas -- ensuring fittings and tubing have the same cross sectional area as the vacuum source.
Selecting Correct Tubing

One of the most critical elements that affects vacuum performance is tubing size. It's the #1 design flaw in systems that fail. Undersized tubing restricts air flow limiting the pump's ability to achieve vacuum levels to consistently and safely pick up objects or evacuate vessels. This guide helps you choose the correct tubing for your system, with required tubing sizes for all Vaccon products.
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Troubleshooting Guide

When “it just doesn't work”, this handy guide can help. The guided questions help you pinpoint the source of the problems. Sources of vacuum system problems can be as simple as “Was the air supply connected?”. Or, more complex such as “Were the optimal vacuum components used in the vacuum system?” This guide helps you get up and running. 
Vacuum Cup Selection Guide

Just as important as selecting the correct pump is the selection of the proper vacuum cup. Vaccon offers a wide variety of vacuum cup styles,
sizes and materials. As is true in many vacuum applications, there may be more than one correct solution to safely pick up and handle an object. This guide helps you select the correct cup and fitting for your application.
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Vacuum Pump Selection Guide

Selecting the correct Vaccon vacuum pump can be an involved process. Factors such as the size, weight and material of the object being handled have to be considered, as well as application requirements such as, the time required to evacuate a vessel. This guide provides guidance on selecting the proper Vaccon pump to safely and efficiently meet your requirements.
Air Compressor Sizing

Selecting the correct sized air compressor is absolutely critical
to ensure your pumps have an
adequate compressed air supply.
Not supplying the required air will reduce the pumps' performance,
and in extreme cases they may not operate at all. Refer to this article
for advice in selecting the correctly
sized air compressor. 
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Vacuum 101

How Vacuum Pumps Work

New to vacuum? Curious how Vaccon’s pumps work? Like to find out how Vaccon’s pumps defy dirt and are maintenance-free? The How Vacuum Works PDF explains the basics of venturi vacuum pumps, the advantages of Vaccon’s single stage design and how it is better than multi-stage pumps.
Vacuum Terms & Definitions

Vacuum flow and vacuum level - what's the difference What about “Hg and PSI? What is a vacuum transducer? This site and Vaccon’s literature use terms which may be a mystery to those new to vacuum. This guide is a handy reference with definitions and explanation of the most common vacuum terms and pressure unit conversions. 
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Why Choose a Vaccon Venturi Vacuum Pump over an Electric Pump?

Vaccon's air powered single stage, venturi pumps can replace electric vacuum pumps in a wide variety of applications. Vaccon's low cost, powerful, easy to install pumps provide years of economical, clog and maintenance free operation. This technical brief lists the many advantages Vaccon Venturi pumps have versus electric pumps.
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Applications of Vacuum

DF Series Applications Guide

When transferring bulk material, complex shapes, individual objects, or collecting trim, selvedge or fiber, the DF series material conveying pumps are the solution. This application guide helps select the proper sized DF Series pump and graphically illustrates how to set up your vacuum system for these specific use cases.
Evacuating Vessels Technical Brief

In certain process applications vessels must be evacuated in order to purge gases, perform leak testing and degassing materials and viscous fluids. This technical brief provides guidance on how to determine evacuation speed and selecting the proper sized pump to meet required evacuation times. 
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Product Pick & Place Technical Brief

In most maufacturing, packaging and factory automation operations, products have to move moved from point A to point B. Objects have to be lifted, gripped, rotated and positioned using vacuum pumps and vacuum cups. This technical brief helps you determine how to select the properly sized pumps and cups to safely move and handle products.
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Reference Guides

Effect of Altitude on Pump Performance Technical Brief

The level a vaccum pump can reach varies with altitude and other environmental factors. This technical note explains how altitude affects the ultimate vacuum level a pump can reach. A summary table lists these vacuum levels as a function of altitude, presented in the most commonly used pressure units.
Flow of Air Through Orifices Under Pressure

In certain process applications vessels must be evacuated in order to purge gases, perform leak testing and degassing materials and viscous fluids. This technical brief provides guidance on how to determine evacuation speed and selecting the proper sized pump to meet required evacuation times. 
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Flow of Air Through Orifices Under Vacuum

This technical brief lists the maximum amount of vacuum flow achieveable through various orifice sizes from 1/16" to 1" at vacuum levels up to 26" Hg. It is a handy reference to help choose the correct sized fittings and hoses when designing your vacuum system.
Pressure, Flow & Volume Conversions Technical Brief

"Hg, kPa, mbar are all common units used when listing pressure. Volume and flow are also listed with many different units. This technical note lists the most common units and conversion factors to convert one unit to another.
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All Vaccon downloadable content is in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat or equivalent PDF Reader application is required. You can download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader here.
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