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Standard Products

Standard Products
Since 1972, Vaccon has supplied the global robotics, automation, and process controls industries with reliable and efficient vacuum products. Vaccon offers a line of standard vacuum pumps, air amplifiers and material conveying pumps covering a broad range of performance levels. Vaccon’s extensive line of pumps are complemented by a large selection of vacuum cups available in many sizes and styles, vacuum gauges, vacuum sensors and switches, filters, silencers, and manifolds.
Venturi Vacuum Cartridges (C Series)
Venturi Vacuum Cartridges (C Series)
Modular Venturi Vacuum Generators
Venturi Vacuum Generators
(VP & J Series)
VDF Series Variable Flow Variable Vacuum Venturi Vacuum Generators
Variable Vacuum Generators
(VDF Series)
CDF Series Air Amplifiers / Blowers
Adjustable Air Amplifiers / Blowers (CDF Series)
DF Series showing various material which can be conveyed/transferred
Material Conveying Generator
(DF Series)
Selection of Vaccon Vacuum Cups
Vacuum Cups & Fittings
Vacuum Pencil Kit
Vacuum accessories including silencers, check valves, in-line filters, vacuum gauges, vacuum switches, vacuum sensors, and corsets
Vacuum Accessories
End-of-Arm Tooling
End-of-Arm Tooling
Transforming Tooling
Transforming Tooling

3D Cad Files
Custom Products