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Inline Venturi Vacuum Pumps

Inline Venturi Vacuum Pumps
Vaccon's standard venturi vacuum pumps are configured with the vacuum port is 90° from the supply port. The Inline VPI-90H and MPVG Series of inline venturi pumps have the air supply and vacuum ports on the same axis. This configuration of these inline pumps offer a simple compact design for easy point-of-use installations in the tightest spaces. 

Both the VPI-90H and MPVG Series of inline pumps offer high performance with powerful vacuum: the up to 28"Hg [948mbar] with the VPI-90H pump and  up to 26.8"Hg [908mbar] or 27.1"Hg [918mbar with the MPVG Series. The VPI-90H has a port for an optional parts presence switch or vacuum level sensor.
Vaccon VPI-90H inline venturi vacuum pump
VPI-90H Inline
Venturi Vacuum Pumps
I-MPVG Series Inline </br>Miniature Plastic Vacuum Generators
I-MPVG Series Inline
Miniature Plastic Vacuum Generators
VPIA Inline Venturi </br>Vacuum Pump with </br>Atmospheric Release
VPIA Inline Venturi
Vacuum Pump with
Atmospheric Release
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