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VP80-250 / VP80BV-250 Max Series Modular Venturi Vacuum Pump

VP80-250 Series Modular Venturi Vacuum Pumps
Operating like the VP80-200, the VP80-250 Max Series air-powered venturi vacuum pumps provide an even higher vacuum flow rate for the rapid evacuation of larger volumes of air or for overcoming leakage in order to sustain high vacuum levels while handling porous materials.
Highly efficient, capable of reaching 28"Hg [948mbar], the VP80’s are also dirt tolerant and include a straight-through silencer for quiet operation. Unlike the Mid Series pumps that use interchangeable cartridge assemblies, the Max Series pumps (VP80 & VP90’s) use a non-removable press-fit venturi assembly. The VP80-250 also includes an integrated solenoid valve option.

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Dimensional Data

Dimensional data for the VP80-250 and VP80BV-250 series modular venturi vacuum pump is presented in 2D drawings, with all critical dimensions and port thread sizes displayed. Both imperial and metric units are included.

VP80-250 / VP80BV-250 Max Series dimensional data 


Performance Data

Performance data for the VP80-250 and VP80BV-250 max series modular venturi vacuum pumps is displayed, listing air consumption, vacuum flow at various vacuum levels, and evacuation times (for 1 cu. ft. or 1 L volumes). Data is presented in tabular and graphed formats, in both imperial and metric units.

VP80-250 / VP80BV-250 Max Series performance data


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VP80-250 / VP80BV-250 Series
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