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Venturi Vacuum Pumps with Air Saver Technology

VP80-200-AS Series
Vaccon offers a line of venturi vacuum pumps with full pneumatic Air Saver Technology. The air saver system is ideal for vacuum applications that are time dependent. It reduces the use of compressed air, reducing the overhead costs.
The Vaccon Air Saver Circuit is an all-pneumatic system designed to minimize compressed air usage in vacuum clamping and vessel evacuation applications. For pick and place applications handling non porous materials, the Air Saver Circuit will maintain a safe holding force, save compressed air and hold the part even if the compressed air supply is interrupted providing an extra level of safety when handling large loads.

This complete system requires only a compressed air source to be fully functional. The system includes a venturi vacuum pump, vacuum check valve, air piloted air valve and pneumatic vacuum switch. The pneumatic vacuum switch is the brain of the system that constantly monitors the vacuum level. The vacuum switch is adjustable from 0 to 30”Hg and is set using the adjustment knob.

The hysteresis is set at approximately 3”Hg. Simply set the switch to the desired vacuum level and should there be a leak in the system where the vacuum level drops by 3”Hg or more, the Air Saver Circuit automatically re-energizes the venturi to bring the system back to the preset vacuum level and then de-energizes the venturi, often in less than one second. The vacuum check valve then re-seals the system.

The Vaccon Air Saver Technology has been adapted to the entire range of Vaccon venturi vacuum pumps. These are ideal for creating and maintaining vacuum for safe, energy efficient operations for clamping, pick and place and vessel evacuation applications.

The VP20 Series venturi vacuum pumps with Air Saver Technology use the same modular venturi construction as the Mid Series Venturi Vacuum Pumps. They are highly efficient, capable of reaching 28"Hg [948mbar], and dirt tolerant.

The VP80-(200 & 250) Max Series Air Saver Pumps provide high vacuum flow for applications involving slightly porous materials such as cardboard.
VP20-AS Series
Mid Series Venturi Pump with Air Saver Technology
VP80-200-AS Series
Max Series Venturi Pump with Air Saver Technology
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