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Liquid Powered Venturi Vacuum Pumps

Liquid Powered Venturi Vacuum Pumps
Liquid Powered J Series venturi vacuum pumps generate vacuum levels uo to 29.5"Hg [999mbar] at pressures as low as 45 PSI [3.1 Bar].

Generating near perfect vacuum, liquid powered J series pumps are recommended for degassing, reverse osmosis water columns, mixing liquids with fruit juice concentrates or chemicals for dilution, blending liquids and slurries, extracting solvents, producing emulsions, elevating water, cleaning liquid transfer lines, evauating liquids from wells or sumps and to circulate pump solutions.

Using a manual or automatic control valve, J Series pumps provide an instantaneous response in pulsed applications, They deliver a constant vacuum flow rather than a fluctuating flow typically associated with diaphragm pumps for smooth consistent liquid transference.

Liquid powered J Series pumps offer a press-fit nozzle design eliminating o-rings or seals making them ideal for use with corrosive materials and adverse operating conditions.
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