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VP01QRBV Min Series Venturi Vacuum Generator with Solenoid Operated Vacuum and Blow-off

VP01QRBV Series modular venturi vacuum pumps with vacuum control and part blow-off
The VP01QRBV Min Series are solenoid-controlled miniature venturi vacuum generators that feature a second solenoid to control blow-off air for rapid part release.
The integral vacuum and blow‑off circuit design provides instantaneous response for high speed assembly and pick & place applications. The blow-off is at line pressure, and is internally plumbed so that only one air and vacuum line is required.
This compact, lightweight, dirt tolerant generator can be placed directly at the point of use. No vacuum filters are required. Add a Vaccon ultra-miniature vacuum switch or sensor for a vacuum achieved/part present signal.

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Features & Benefits
  • Precise control – individual electrical connections let you control the vacuum and the blow-off duration time
  • Fast response – no delay due to long plumbing lines; installs close to vacuum point
  • Instantaneous vacuum as needed – minimal air consumption
  • High productivity – rapid part release, cycle rates up to 4800/min
  • Easy installation – modular design speeds installation and minimizes assembly
  • Reliable – operates trouble-free:
    • Straight-through design, non-clogging
    • No flap valves to stick open
    • Automatically cleans vacuum lines
    • No maintenance
    • No downtime
Ideal Applications

Small part pick & place for applications requiring accurate part placement and rapid part release:
  • Robotics
  • Automated assembly
  • Material Handling
Generator Options
  • Factory-installed miniature vacuum switches or sensors with quick disconnect for reliable part detection
  • ST2 (straight-through) silencer that allows ingested debris to exit the generator without clogging
  • G port threads for metric machines – an “I” prefix designates products with metric threads
  • Choice of operating pressures to meet machine and factory air supply 80 PSI [5.5 bar] standard, 60 PSI [4.1 bar] optional

Standard Specifications

VP01QRBV Generator Standard Specifications
Generator Material: Anodized Aluminum (for silencer material see Silencer Page)
Cartridge Material: Nylon, Buna O-Ring
O-rings available in additional materials - Consult factory for availability
Medium: Filtered (50 micron) un-lubricated, non-corrosive dry gases
Operating Temperature: 0° to ~122F [-18° to ~501°C]
Operating Pressure: 80 PSI [5.5 bar] or 60 PSI [4.1 bar] – Consult Factory for other operating pressures
VP01QRBV 3-Way Valve Specifications
Valve Type: Base Mounted 3-Way, Solenoid Valve, Normally closed
Valve Body Material: Brass, Aluminum, Buna-N
Valve Operating Pressure: Vacuum to 120 PSI [-1 to 8 bar]
Electrical: 24 VDC [-15% to +10% Nominal]
Power Consumption: 4 watts
Response Time: 6 milliseconds
Cycle Rate: 80 cycles/second
Average Life: 100 million cycles
Electrical Connection: Fixed leads, 24 AWG, 18” [457.2mm], optional M8 3-pin connector
LED Indicator: Yes
Manual Override: Yes, non-locking, spring return
M8 3-Pin Connector: Yes, optional
Performance Level Designations:
M 0-20”Hg, [0 to 677mbar] for medium vacuum/high flow applications
H 0-28”Hg, [0 to 948mbar] for high vacuum/standard flow applications
VP01QRBV Min Series Operating and Installation Requirements
Supply Line: 1/4” O.D. [6mm] tube recommended
Vacuum Line: 1/4” O.D. [6mm] tube recommended
Vacuum Line Filtration: Typically vacuum filters are not required, if desired Vaccon recommends model VF125LPM (see In-Line Filter Page)
Mounting: Mounting holes accept 4-40 or M3 screws

Dimensional Data

Dimensional data for the VP01QRBV Min Series venturi vacuum generators is presented in 2D drawings, with all critical dimensions and port thread sizes displayed. Both imperial and metric units are included.

VP01QRBV Min Series dimensional data  


Performance Data

Performance data for the VP01QRBV Min Series venturi vacuum generator is displayed, listing air consumption, vacuum flow at various vacuum levels, and evacuation times (for 1 cu. ft. or 1 L volumes). Data is presented in tabular and graphed formats, in both imperial and metric units.

Venturi Min Series performance data 

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