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Transforming Tooling

Manual. Inefficient. Complex. Does this sound like your packaging operation? 



Do you struggle with: 

  • High-mix automation
  • Frequent changeovers
  • Changeover time & design time
  • Lack of labor
  • Manual handling injuries
Our vision of the solution . . . 


  • - Lightweight, modular design
  • - Handles packages from 115mm2 to 565mm2  (length or width)
  • - Handles package weights up to 15kg
  • - Adapt to a new package size in 1 second (handle 30 packages per min)
  • - Easily integrate into existing systems


  • - Automated Tool Adaptation
  • - Arm footprint never exceeds the package or envelope size
  • - No manual intervention required
  • - Reduces number of custom End of Arm Tools required
  • - Automates high-mix processes


  • - Live monitoring
  • - Predictive maintenance and smart diagnostics
  • - Control through Robot HMI

Would you like to be a part of our co-creation community?

Join the revolution and be part of the solution. 

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  • Benefit from exclusive access to prototypes
  • Re-define the new status quo of palletizing & package handling
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