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Vacuum Cup Fittings

Vaccon vacuum cup fittings family
Designed with large thru bores, Vaccon fittings connect to vacuum cups, vacuum generators and spring levelers ensuring unrestricted vacuum flow for safe material handling operations. For plumbing flexibility, Vaccon offers 9 different fitting groups with various thread sizes.

Standard Fittings Specifications:
  • Clear chromate coated aluminum or brass
  • NPT, G, M5 and 10-32 threads – male and female
How to Specify: Size the cup first based on application requirements. Then choose the fitting size. Please note Vaccon’s Cup Section includes recommended fitting groups for each cup.
  • For fitting only: order by model # i.e. VCF4-18F
  • For cup and fitting: order cup part number first and then the numbered extension of the fitting i.e. VCR-B20P-C-4-14M (note: remove the VCF from fitting number)
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Dimensional Data

Product data for the Vacuum Cup Fittings family including dimensions, materials, weights and threads is found in the data sheet.

Vacuum Cups - Fittings Data Sheet

3D Cad Files
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