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Vacuum Valve Stacks (Vac-Stac & VP92 Series)

Valve controlled Venturi Vacuum Pumps
VP92 Max Series and Vac-Stac™ Series provide a quick and efficient way to add vacuum to valve stack bases. The VP92 and Vac-Stac products provide vacuum while simplifying the system by eliminating the need for additional pneumatic components and fittings. Please note that the VP92 and Vac-Stac products are not standalone pumps and must be used with a MAC 92 or ISO 5599/1 valve stack to operate.
Vaccon’s Vac-Stac Series modular venturi vacuum pumps are designed specifically to integrate with ISO 5599/1 Size-1 directional control valves. Vaccon’s Vac-Stac pumps provide the quickest and most efficient way to incorporate vacuum with individual ISO valve bases or manifold assemblies.
Vaccon’s VP92 Max Series Valve Controlled Venturi Vacuum pump is designed to integrate directly with MAC 92 Series Sub Bases. The VP92 venturi pump quickly plugs into a MAC 92 valve stack base providing vacuum.
Vac-Stac Series Venturi Vacuum Pump, integrated into ISO 5599/1 valves
Vac-Stac Series
Valve Stack Venturi Pumps
VP92 with optional VDXN electronic vacuum switch with digital display
VP92 Series
Valve Stack Venturi Pumps
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