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Variable Flow Venturi Vacuum Pumps (VDF Series)

VDF Series Variable Flow Variable Vacuum Venturi Vacuum Pumps
The VDF Series is a unique Vaccon innovation that places the vacuum port and exhaust path inline making a straight-through venturi vacuum pump. These compact pumps offer high flow rates up to 120 SCFM [3400 LPM] and high vacuum levels up to 25”Hg [847mbar].
Developed for extremely dirty and dusty environments such as foundries, refractory and bagging operations, VDF pumps don’t clog, lose suction or require a vacuum filter.
Standard VDF pumps are field-adjustable allowing you to regulate the vacuum flow and vacuum level to meet your application requirements. This maximizes energy efficiency by consuming only the compressed air necessary to do the job. A pressure regulator is not required as the pump can be tuned to operate at any pressure above 50 PSI [3.5 bar].
For applications requiring a fixed vacuum level, Vaccon offers preset and permanently locked VDF pumps at customer specified vacuum settings, 10-25”Hg [339-847mbar], “pinned” at the factory for consistent and tamper-proof operations.*
*NOTE: Preset pumps are customer specific and are, therefore non-returnable
Need a crossover for a competitor's product? Call Vaccon for help in choosing an equivalent model.

Note: As of 1/1/17 Vaccon is transitioning the VDF/CDF/DF pumps from clear anodize to black anodize. The change in color does not affect the performance or durability of the pump in any way.
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Features & Benefits
  • Adjustable vacuum level and flow rate:
    • Powerful vacuum up to 25”Hg [847mbar]
    • High flow rates up to 120 SCFM [3398 LPM]
  • Energy efficient – customer controlled – high performance to air consumption ratio
  • Safe operation:
    • No electricity needed at the pump
    • No heat generated
  • Reliable – operates trouble-free:
    • Straight-through design, non-clogging
    • No moving parts to wear or clog
    • No flap valves to stick open
    • No maintenance
    • No downtime

VDF Family Variable Vacuum / Variable Flow Pumps
Ideal Applications

Ideal for dirty, dusty environments; the VDF offers high vaccum and high flow in one pump:
  • Pick & place
  • Vacuum filling – Liquids and powders
  • Vacuum packaging – Coated materials
  • Bag/box opening
  • Material handling
Pump Options
  • ST Silencers – straight through silencers won’t clog
  • G port threads for metric machines – an “I” prefix designates products with metric threads
  • Choice of operating pressures: operates at any pressure above 50 PSI [3.5 bar]
  • Preset fixed vacuum levels- 10-25”Hg [339-847mbar]*
  • For chemical compatibility requirements, high temperature, food, medical and caustic applications, custom materials are available including stainless steel, PEEK, Delrin,™ Teflon,™ PVC.

Standard Specifications

VDF Series Venturi Vacuum Pump Standard Specifications
Pump Material: Anodized Aluminum (for silencer material see Silencer Page
Medium: Filtered (50 micron) un-lubricated, non-corrosive dry gases
Operating Temperature: -100° to ~400°F [-73° to ~204°C]
Operating Pressure: Above 50 PSI [3.4 bar]

VDF Series Pump Operating and Installation Requirements
Model : VDF 100, 150, 200, 250 VDF 375 VDF 500 VDF 750
Vacuum Line:  3/8” [10mm] tube  5/8” [16mm] tube  3/4” [19mm] I.D. tube  1” [25mm] I.D. tube
Air Supply Line:  3/8” [10mm] tube  1/2” [12mm] tube  1/2” [12mm] tube  5/8” [16mm] tube

Dimensional Data

Dimensional data for the VDF Series Variable Vacuum / Variable Flow Venturi Vacuum pump is presented in 2D drawings, with all critical dimensions and port thread sizes displayed. Both imperial and metric units are included.

VDF Series Dimensional Data 


Performance Data

Performance data for the VDF Series Variable Vacuum / Variable Flow Venturi Vacuum pump is displayed, listing air consumption, vacuum flow at various vacuum levels, and evacuation times (for 1 cu. ft. or 1 L volumes). Data is presented in tabular and graphed formats, in both imperial and metric units.

VDF Series Performance Data  



Vaccon’s VDF Series Variable Vacuum / Variable Flow pumps are available in custom materials, sizes, shapes and connections to suit specific requirements or manufacturing environments, such as food processing, semiconductor or pharmaceutical manufacturing. Vaccon VDF Series pumps are available in brass, stainless steel (303, 304, 316, 316L), PVC, Teflon™, PEEK and Delrin® (Acetal). Please consult the factory.

Examples of custom VDF pumps and applications
  Custom VDF Catalog Pages  
3D Cad Files
Custom Products